About Us

Enso Life Healing, LLC is a small home-based family owned company that aims to deliver exceptional handcrafted all natural self care and holistic Chakra maintenance products and accessories, with soulful intent, but... we don't stop there. As humanitarians, a portion of all our sales go to Project Hunger Strike, which aims to irradiate hunger amongst our homeless, and disadvantaged communities by providing meals, and essential goods. Our products are curated through being naturally sourced, hand-carved, hand-crafted, organic, or all natural.

Founded by Artisan and Humanitarian Laurene Brown, a small town girl born and raised in Upstate New York, she grew an interest in Chakra Healing, meditation, and the use of essential oils, and all natural products. Through trainings and research, her interest grew into her passion to create sustainable, self-care and therapeutic beauty products, that would deliver balance and relaxation.

Her greatest curation, was the ability to connect her family to every aspect of Enso Life Healing's mission, and functionality. Providing her children with not only the importance of understanding business, but more importantly, their connection and responsibility to the Earth, and the Elements it provides. Together, their hope is to bring you carefully handcrafted products to your everyday life, amidst knowing that each product was made with soulful intent and concern.