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Enso Life Healing, LLC

White Sage Cleansing/Smudging Starter Kit

White Sage Cleansing/Smudging Starter Kit

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White Sage Smudging Starter Kit

This Smudge Kit is sized perfect for travel, and includes the following items:

1 - White Sage Stick (3-4 Inches)
1 - California Abalone Shell (Approx 2-3 Inches)
1- 3" Hand-carved Wooden Tripod Stand
1 - White Goose Feather (6-8 Inches)
2 - Palo Santo Burning Sticks
1- Cleaning Instruction sheet

Each part of the smudge kit and the smudging process signifies one of the four elements, that, when used, evokes the fifth element, life energy.

- The shell represents WATER
- The herbs represents the EARTH
- The flames from the lit herb represents the FIRE
- The smoke represents the AIR

*Smudging kits may be slightly different from that of the picture, due to the availability of products.
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